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Board approves additional CPS staff

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Crete Board of Education members approved two additions to district staff for next year after approving an annual staffing plan at their meeting Monday night.

The elementary administration recommended to add a part-time position for a  speech language pathologist, if a quality candidate can be found. Superintendent Kyle McGowan said the position is not an easy one to fill.    

An additional, full-time ELL position was approved for next year. Currently, one ELL teacher splits time between the middle and high school buildings. The added position will give each building a full-time ELL teacher.    

Several long-time Crete teachers and a counselor will be retiring at the end of this schools year. Middle and high school vocal music director Michael Morris, middle school technology teacher Jack Munter, elementary teacher Jana Fulton and high school counselor Karen Buchfink all submitted resignations approved Monday.

Long-term planning for the district moved forward with the approval of a facility study to be completed by DLR group, with which Crete Public Schools as worked with on various occasions.

The board and administrators were presented the advantages of a facility study by Pat Phelan, of DLR, at the annual retreat in January. Phelan outlined the process and beneficial outlook the district could receive by participating in such a study, which looks at buildings, maintenance, space usage, student population trends, technology and  a variety of other factors.

“Charting a course for the future helps you to make good short-term decisions and good long-term decision before they come to a point of critical mass,” Phelan said.

The process will begin yet this spring before the hustle of May events is in full swing.

Phelan said the most important part of a facility study is to clearly identify what issues are of concern within the district so that any solutions proposed can be effectively reviewed.

“Simply because we are doing a study does not mean there will be a recommendation to build,” McGowan said.

Board member Tom King said the Building and Grounds Committee made the recommendation for the study because of DLR’s reputation and good-working history with CPS.

“We thought we liked DLR to take on that responsibility and provide us with the needed information. It would be a good use of our money.”