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Kramer Sisters “A Sampler” sparks international review

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A recent review of The Kramer Sisters CD, A Sampler, by Iowan Bob Everhart has been circulating in print nationwide and via the internet over the past several weeks.

  The group includes Janet Jeffries Beauvais and Dawn Becwar Mundt, of Create, and Sue Prochaska Underwood, Wilber.  The ladies have been performing together for 12 years, and are known for their harmony vocals and variety music.   

The group plays in many Nebraska venues, including the State Fair, festivals, dances, private parties, and in tribute to their Eastern European heritage, also does several Czech shows each year.  Underwood also leads the Blue River Czechs polka band.

“Just when one thinks there’s never ever going to be any ‘new’ old music, here come the Kramer Sisters.  These Nebraska gals have put together an unbelievably delightful adventure into old songs done kind of like it was in the old days, but utilizing new studio techniques, mixes, and terrific microphones.  They have produced one of the best old-timey upper Midwest music CDs I’ve heard in a long time.” Everhart said in his review. “Once a great country song goes through its phase of being on the charts, making the singer popular and famous, and the recording company millions of dollars, at the pro-level they just disappear.  That doesn’t happen on the Great Plains of Nebraska.  Those incredibly great songs, which sold millions of records, don’t just go away here.”

Underwood’s ability on the button accordion garnered special attention by music reviewer and promoter Everhart, who published his favorable report of the CD with the Germany-based Country Music News International, in addition to a variety of publications in this country.  The accordion is not often heard in country and variety music.

“Sue Prochaska Underwood …plays accordion of all things.  No, that’s wrong, she doesn’t just play the accordion.  She has mastered the instrument, and she ‘performs’ on it. “ he said.        

A Sampler, the first CD produced by the group, includes 20 tracks of music representing various musical genres.  A second CD that will contain only Czech songs is due out later in 2012.

“They like to think of their music as a tribute to their Eastern European and 19th century Nebraska pioneer heritage, which includes a delightful Czech repertoire when they are performing live.” he said. “It’s also remarkable that these girls continue the musical ‘hand-me-down’ tradition so common in the upper Midwest.  They add their own personality and stamp to everything they do, but to anyone who appreciates an older style of country music, you will immediately connect to this wonderful adventure.”